Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Squidoo?

If you're like me you need to know the details before you commit. Now that I've seen and weighed it up for myself here's a bunch of good reasons why you should sign up to Squidoo...

It's Easy

Squidoo gives you the tools to make your own webpage within minutes. Resulting in an attractive, functional and powerful page, which can get your message, point or ideas across to your audience.

It's easy for a 'newb' to get started yet still packing enough power to fascinate an experienced website developer.

It's a vehicle in which you can deliver your ponderings, self written articles, thoughts, tutorials... whatever it is you wish to write. It is a platform from which you can categorise your interests, hobbies, favourites sites... even your other online pursuits.

The only thing restricting you is your own imagination, cliched I know, but Squidoo has got a palette of impressive modules which will let your creative juices run wild.

You Can Make Money

Squidoo has advertising, which it shares with its users. If you create a lens, you are a lensmaster. Squidoo shares the revenue with its lensmasters. Why? Because you are creating content for the ever growing influence of Squidoo.

YouTube was, and is, filled with content by its users. Then the two guys who started it sold it to Google and became BILLIONAIRES. Apparently without a thought for the people who got them there. People like you and me. Not so with Squidoo. The Squidoo Team are marching on their way to wealth and glory, and they're inviting you to join them.

Squidoo knows that it's relevance is built on content. And it knows that the only way to get great original content is to respect the contributers. And they don't just respect you, they reward you.

It takes two months before you'll see the first signs of money. That allows the current month to be calculated by the likes of Google Adsense, Amazon and others, and then the following month Squidoo work out who gets what, how much and what for.

It may take a little while before you start hitting the double figures. But in the mean time, if you don't make the minimum, it rolls over to the next payment date.

You are paid via Paypal. If you don't have an account yet that's fine, the money will accumulate.

You can give to charity. All or a percentage. Or you can take 100%. And don't be ashamed of that, you deserve it.

There are just two ingredients needed to make money: good content (the more unique the better) and visitors. You can rely on visitors who are just browsing through Squidoo, or perhaps your pages get automatically indexed by search engines. The other way is to invite them. Be it friends, family, colleagues, online acquaintances or other people who share the same interests and hobbies that you do.

What does it cost?

It's not a get rich quick scheme. But it is a "get paid well' scheme. How much is up to you in terms of the quality of your content and the quantity of your traffic.

The best thing is that it's free. No $$$ to join. The only cost is your time and talent.

The revenue made from clicks, impressions, affiliate sales is split 50/50. Squidoo give 20% of their half (10% of the total revenue) to charity. That's nice of them hey! And you get the other 50%.

But why should I share half?

The revenue from ppc advertising, Amazon and Ebay purchases and what have you... if you were to create your own website, you'd be keeping 100%.

But you wouldn't have a thriving community. You're getting traffic because of other people, not just from your own efforts. You get to trade on the reputation of a brand name that is quickly establishing itself on the world wide web as a mover and shaker.

Google and other search engines know where Squidoo is and regularly index the sites pages.

On top of that you don't have to worry about registering a domain name and paying a yearly registration. Or paying for webhosting by the month.

Each page you make is yours, forever.

Think about it this way, if for some reason tomorrow you were to slip into a coma, suffer amnesia or, lets get morbid... die, your pages will live on. Accumulating wealth into your Paypal account. Hopefully someone you love will have access to that Paypal account.

Now if you had to maintain your own webhosting and domain names, within a year or two at the most, it'll lapse, and your websites and webpages will be lost forever.

With Squidoo your legacy will live on.

And anyway, people are always saying 'don't put your eggs all in the one basket'. So by all means make your own sites. But throw some Squidoo Lenses in the mix. Your other sites will benefit from the backlinks.

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